The title says it all: yes, Lamborghini decided to make the first Polo Storico Concours in Switzerland, precisely at Le Corbusier’s hometown: Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The concour took place on the weekend of September 15th-17th. It gathered all the Lamborghini owners who had their own car restored at the Polo Storico, which is a new restoration center that was opened by Lamborghini not so long ago.

The italian car manufacturer decided for the first concours to make a homage to Le Corbusier, pioneer of the modern architecture and design. To celebrate this, Lamborghini organised a great tour around the canton of Neuchâtel for the weekend. The participants of the concours had the chance to visit many iconic places of this area, such as the Musée International d’Horlogerie and two houses of Le Corbusier (one of them was Villa Turque).



On Sunday, the actual concours was held at the Place du Port of Neuchâtel. We could admire a lot of Lamborghini models, from old to new, such as: Espada, Miura, Diablo, Countàch, etc. Other than those, Lamborghini brought some special concepts and one of them was the one-off Marzal from 1967 which won the prize of “The Best of the Best”.



And finally, the “Best of Show” was given to a Japanese man, who brought his green Miura SV from Japan just for the Concours!



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