This is the most beautiful Maserati of all times. And there’s a pretty cool but short story to tell about it.

The Maserati 2000 Sport was originally born in 1947 and it had a non-fully-enveloping body. It was usually named  “monofaro” because of its only one headlight, or simply A6GCS (A=Alfieri, 6=6 cylinders, G=Ghisa, CS=Corsa Sport). Maserati made 16 models of this version of the A6GCS until the year 1950.

Later on, in 1953, a new version of the A6GCS was designed by Medardo Fantuzzi. This is the A6GCS/53. This time it had a fully-envelopping body and two headlights, but the only problem was that it still remained a “barchetta”. So the drivers started asking if they could have the same car but with a roof on, so when it would rain during the race they wouldn’t get wet.

Guglielmo Dei, who had bought a couple of the A6GCS chassis, convinced Pininfarina to design the berlinetta version of it by one of its designers: Aldo Brovarone.

Sadly, or maybe fortunately, only four of these were made: two were red, one was blue and one was grey. The good part is: the one that you see in these pictures can be seen at the Museo Umberto Panini near Modena.

Special thanks to Maserati Classiche.


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